Why Meadowbrook?

Luxury Comes Standard

We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our customers. We do believe in building affordable homes filled with the  luxury features you would expect to find in much more expensive homes. Below are some of the many luxury inclusions that come standard in every Meadowbrook Home.


Granite Countertops

For centuries, the finest homes in the world have turned to the timeless beauty of natural stone. In that spirit, we include granite countertops in every kitchen and full-bathroom we build. We create all of our countertops from solid 1 1/4″ thick granite slabs. All edges are then polished to  a mirror finish. Finally, we include undermount sinks in these areas because that makes for easier cleanup and a more beautiful appearance. Granite countertops are available in a wide array of colors to suit every taste.

Hardwood Floors

All of our homes benefit from the use of Beautiful Pre-finished Oak Flooring in the Kitchen, Dinette and Entry areas. Many of our buyers continue this wood flooring thoughout the entire first floor of their home. Pre-finished Oak Floors are high quality floors that should provide years of enjoyment in your New Meadowbrook Builders Home.


Architectural Shingles

Every Meadowbrook Home is built with IKO`s Cambridge premium architectural shingles. Cambridge combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition ”shake” look for your roof, these popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home.


Many builders install sod on the front yard only of new homes and seed the sides and the back yard of the home. They do this because seed is quite a bit less expensive than sod.  Every Meadowbrook Home comes standard with Fully Sodded Homesites – Front, Sides and Back. We buy all of our sod from Central Sod Farms – known to have the highest quality sod in Illinois.


Ceramic Floors in Bathrooms

Every full bathroom that we build comes standard with ceramic or porcelain tile floors. We install all of our ceramic flooring over Durarock underlayment for a lifetime of worry-free flooring.

Many homebuilders still use vinyl linoleum flooring in their bathrooms. This flooring is much cheaper and can have a host of problems  such as bubbling, denting, discoloring over time and subfloor seams showing through the flooring.  Other builders even still use peel & stick vinyl tiles. These have the same drawbacks as sheet vinyl floors with the addition of the seams discoloring and more.

Crown Moulding on Kitchen Cabinets

Every kitchen we craft is detailed with crown moulding at the tops of the cabinets. This extra detail creates a finished look to the kitchen. The picture above is the kitchen of our newest model home located in Arbor Lakes in Minooka.


Six Panel Doors and Colonial Trim



We Were Energy Efficient Before It Was Cool

Back in 2005 Meadowbrook Homes committed to be a 100% Energy Star Builder. Since that time, we have built over 100 Energy Star homes, saving our buyers thousands of dollars over the years and helping the environment at the same time.

There are many factors that go into building an Energy Star Home. Below are some of the things we do to make our homes Energy Star.


Air Sealing and Insulation That Works

Don’t pay to heat and cool the outdoors! Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20 percent or more of the energy you pay to heat and cool your home. Typical homes have so many leaks, it’s like having a window open all the time, winter and summer.


House, showing points of potential air leakage

Diagram of Leaky Home: In typical homes, air leaks are often found at holes and penetrations for plumbing, wiring, lighting, and ductwork.

infrared image of a house showing heat loss

Infrared Image of House Exterior: In this infrared photo of a typical house, the yellow shows excessive heat loss in winter because the house was not built with the comprehensive air barriers and proper insulation details found in ENERGY STAR homes.

MOLD: When warm air leaks into construction assemblies, it can come in contact with cooler surfaces where condensation can occur. The buildup of moisture encourages mold growth, ruins insulation, and even compromises the structural elements of the home.

Photo showing mold growth behind a wall

Mold Behind Wall: Dark = Mold

Photo courtesy of Terry Brennan.

Photo showing mold growth behind a wall

Mold Behind Wall: Dark = Mold



Ducts That Don’t Leak

Your home’s ducts move heated and cooled air to the living areas to make you feel comfortable. But in a typical house, 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poor connections. The illustration below shows many common duct problems, such as:

  1. Leaky duct connections
  2. Leaky return ducts
  3. Furniture blocking registers
  4. Leaks at furnace and air filter slot and duct tape failures
  5. Fallen duct insulation
  6. Leaky supply ducts
  7. Kinks in ductwork restricting airflow


Behind the walls of an ENERGY STAR qualified home…

Tightly-sealed and well-insulated ducts keep you more comfortable and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Sealing also helps improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of dust, moisture, pollen, pests, and noise from entering the ducts and circulating throughout your home.

Below are seven photos and two illustrations of tightly sealed ducts.




Advanced Windows for Comfort

Windows are an important part of your home’s beauty. But in typical homes, windows made with older techniques are simply too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer — making you feel uncomfortable and wasting energy unnecessarily.

 Photo of Two Windows from Interior:The view is the same, but the window on the left is conventional; the window on the right is ENERGY STAR qualified. Infrared Image of Same Two Windows from Interior: In this infrared photo, the ENERGY STAR qualified window on the right is warmer (yellow) in the winter with 1/3 the heat loss of the window on the left.
Without Low-E windows, furnishings are more faded.  With Low-E windows, furnishings are less faded.
Diagram of Window Cross-section: Shows elements of advanced technologies in an energy-efficient window.With new and more rigorous EPA guidelines to earn the label, ENERGY STAR qualified homes are quieter and more comfortable than ever, have lower utility bills, and help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Look for a home with the ENERGY STAR, the government-backed symbol for superior energy efficiency.

To Build Great Homes, We Use the Best Brands






Cookie Cutter Isn’t In Our Dictionary

Shopping for a new home often involves visiting a new home builder and having 3-5 home plans to choose from. More often than not, what you see is what you get and no changes are allowed.

At Meadowbrook Homes we build homes that are as unique as our homeowners. Tawfik Nassar, the president of Meadowbrook Homes is also an architect and structural engineer. Utilizing his decades of experience, Tawfik creates between 15 and 20 designs for our communities and these are only a start:

If you find one of our plans that you like but has some items you would like to change, more often than not we can make those changes for you. We can make structural changes as well as modifications to the exterior of your  new home.

We invite you to browse through our plans and to think and dream of the ideal home we can build for your family.



Meadowbrook Homes is a family owned and operated company that has been building homes for over 30 years. The founder and President, Tawfik Nassar, is a consistent leader. He has survived and surpassed several recessions in his tenure. Tawfik’s astute business approaches combined with his conservatism in growth has led Meadowbrook Homes to its strong position today. Meadowbrook Homes is the only builder in the area that remains with its original executives and commitment to its homeowners. (following the recession of 2007.)

Tawfik’s Masters and PhD level courses in Civil Engineering serve as the backbone to Arbor Lakes homes. He designs each and every home with care and diligence in order to meet our clients’ needs and desires. His analytically trained mind works to enhance the efficiency of our home designs. Arbor Lakes homes are created with the ideal layout in mind, maximized use of space, and comfortable room orientation to give our homeowners the most bang for their buck.

Tawfik was joined by his son, Aladdin, when he was just 14 to ensure that Aladdin would have firsthand experience in all aspects of the home building business. Aladdin has grown from working in the field nailing in studs to managing subcontractors to meeting with homeowners like you. After graduating with a finance degree, he has become a central part of the company. He is committed to ensuring Meadowbrook Homes includes the latest and most efficient features, which is why he incorporated Energy Star into each Arbor Lakes Home. Arbor Lakes is the only neighborhood in the area that is exclusively Energy Star.

The value we at Meadowbrook Homes place on family transcends every part of our business. From the moment we begin to look for land we search for a place we would enjoy raising our family. The amenities we include in our neighborhoods, such as parks, lakes, and playground give our homeowners a place to spend time with their families right outside their front door. We understand the importance of having spacious family areas within the home to dine and lounge, as well as having additional living spaces such as basements and lofts. We form partnerships with our subcontractors and staff so that we know every team member is committed to fulfilling our commitment to you to deliver a quality built and efficient home.

We not only build homes, we build relationships. Once you join the Arbor Lakes family, you are not forgotten. Tawfik personally writes several updates a year and emails Arbor Lakes homeowners. You will not find another builder in Minooka as committed to its residents as Meadowbrook Homes. In an era overwhelmed by national builders who spend millions of dollars on promotions and advertisement, we rely on our homeowner’s testimony and on the value we build into every home. Our claim of offering the best value in town should be taken seriously and verified. We invite you to explore and join the Arbor Lakes Family.